On The Island Of Šipan

ENJOY : Beach life has never been so varied

Whether you like secret and secluded or rocky and FKK, pebble beaches for the smaller ones or hotel beaches with sun loungers and umbrellas, the island of Šipan has it all!-And with a small boat why not try a different beach every day!
Still looking for that large sandy bay? Island-hop over to Lopud. Your children will adore its shallow waters and you can join the locals in playing „picigin“ 🙂

KEEP COOL: Make a splash on Šipan

Imagine yourself swimming, snorkelling or scuba diving in the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea! Or canoeing, kayaking or sailing to countless lagoons, coves and undiscovered beaches. No matter if you are an adventurer or explorer, Šipan offers a range of activities for everyone. Being a skilful and experienced host, we can help you arrange any of them 🙂

OPT FOR HEALTHY: Mediterranean delicacies with a Šipan twist

Can you imagine any Mediterranean dish without olive oil? Extra virgin olive oil, of course!  Yes, Mediterranean cuisine is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. And on Šipan you will taste it. But did you know that Šipan entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the island with the most olive trees compared to its size?! And that it has even today its own mill, which not only produces olive oil but also carob? Add to this a plethora of fresh fish, crabs, a summer salad, and a bottle of fine domestic wine….mmm… Šipan and its gastronomy will pamper your senses 🙂

KEEP FIT: Get active on an island perfect for outside sports

Bike, walk and hike! As an island with almost no traffic, Šipan is ideal for open-air activities. Take the path to its treasures or discover the most beautiful viewpoint from the fortress hidden among olive groves. The smell of lavender, rosemary, carob and lemon trees will follow you everywhere you go. Šipan’s fauna might surprise you too! The chirp of birds and song of crickets will be your soundtrack while exploring the island. Some wild boars and golden jackals might be around… and will make a sight to remember, if you are lucky enough to spot them 🙂